What Kind of Plan Do YOU Want?

So I do custom designs for various folks – anywhere from a custom closet organizer to a queen bed made to fit between special window sills.

Either way, its hard to know what people want the most of or if they want something different?

Let’s see what folks say – what do YOU want?

2 thoughts on “What Kind of Plan Do YOU Want?

  1. Hi – I have sketched out an idea for a media table that I want to build. It’s seems pretty simple, but i have never built furniture before so I am not really sure how to to do it. Mostly worried about joins and edges. Do you make plans out of people’s ideas like this?

    • I do make plans like this. Most of the furniture I started making was by using only a jig saw and a couple pieces of aluminum (from a door jamb) to keep it lined up. Then I sanded like crazy to make a straight edge. It really depends on how much time you want to spend and the finish you’re looking for. I’ll send you an email and you can respond with a couple pictures and we’ll see where it takes us. Thank you for sharing!

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