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I love modern furniture plans. I love design and I love function, but can’t afford to drop $1000 on a table and a couple of chairs. So how can I get what I want? Since I was just out of school, I had very little money to get those gorgeous pieces in my small apartment.

So I started to learn how to build the bare essentials – and find modern furniture plans who’s inspiration came from Frank Lloyd Wright and Eames. I didn’t have any tools, and very little room to build anything, so I tried to figure out the best way to build my new ideas. I started with a jig saw and a hand drill. Then I bought some low grade plywood and started to figure out how to build what I wanted.

The results were better than expected. I was able to build more than just the table and chairs – my whole living and dining room furniture up for about $200. A far cry from the thousands to get the look I really wanted. And as a bonus, it felt good to build my own furniture.

That’s when the idea came up to find plans that anyone could work with to create their own furniture, whether its a seasoned woodworking professional or someone just starting out on their own. To keep it in line with the inexpensive, plywood is a very common material. Its easy to work with, very uniform, and is far better than particle board that a lot of the cheap put-together-yourself stuff is made of.


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